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Inaugural Post

Hello there, fellow literature lovers!  Thank you for stopping by.  This is a new book club for fans of classic American and English literature created by quiltnaked  and momandmore

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Our general plan is to read one book per month, discuss that book through spontaneous post threads and/or assigned literary analysis devices, and to make our future book-of-the-month selections on a rotating member's choice or perhaps poll-taking basis.   As you can see, we have already made our first selection, Uncle Tom's Cabin, to be read the month of November.  Membership is moderated, so if you would like to join in the fun, just let us know.  We love new perspectives and I'm sure if you get as geekishly excited about the classics as we do, you will fit right in.

Posting Guidelines for members
This month, since the club is new and we're getting a bit of a late start, we'd like to encourage you to post spontaneously as you read with whatever may be on your mind concerning the book. I mean this as opposed to having an assigned means of literary analysis, such as looking for themes or character studies. We'd like to sort of play it casual this first month. So whatever pops into your head that you'd like to bring up for discussion, post about it! We do request, however, that in order to preserve the story line for all readers, you put the contents of your post under a cut titled with the chapter number. That way readers who have not yet reached that chapter won't get any unwanted spoilers. But feel free to use the subject line to reel us in.


Poster: Suzy Q
Subject: subplot tension thickens
Can you believe Character X did that to Character Y?! I mean, oh my gosh. I never expected that.

See? So that will keep the whole world turning nicely. If you haven't done an LJ cut before, please read this.

We are looking forward to the outcome of this community and hope you will enjoy reading and gabbing about reading as much as we do. Thanks for joining us!
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