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Hey there, literature lovers!

Okay, so we sucked as moderators of our brand new book club last fall, but November was a foolish time to get up a new book club, anyway. What were we thinking? Anyway, it's a new year, time for lots of resolutions and guess what one of mine is? You guessed it! To get this puppy up and running! Yay!

So, you can help us out by responding to the following poll. Thanks to all in advance for participating!

Poll #648356 We are going to make this happen, people.

Uncle Tom's it?

Yes, the very month it was selected and I've been waiting to discuss it!
I'm halfway through it and I'd really like to finish it. Can we finish this book club selection, please?
Uh, I cracked the book. Does that count? Eh, I'll do whatever.
No. A new year, a new book! Let's move on.

Suggestion box! What do you want to read next?

Romance me, baby! I'll take Jane Austen's "Emma."
Let's get Christian with it. Hit me with C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia." (Yep! the whole series.)
I'm in the mood to cheer on the underdog! Can we do Charles' Dickens "Great Expectations"?
Does everything have to be 500 pages with you? Can we please read something shorter? "The Screwtape Letters," "A Christmas Carol," "Pride and Prejudice"? I'll take anything as long as it's short!

The write-in ballot! We love your input! I can't guarantee when/if your suggestion will be chosen, but here's your chance to tell me what you really think. Suggest a Book!

Now suggest an author! This will all be useful information for future poll-making. And thank you for participating!

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